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Review of HRKGame: HRKGame stands as one of the pioneering platforms in our listing, drawing a wide spectrum of feedback and reviews over time. Initially, the store faced challenges due to its identity verification process, which required customers to submit a photocopy of their ID for purchase confirmation. This requirement was eventually discarded due to its inconvenience and invasiveness, only to be reinstated for transactions exceeding €50. While modern smartphones simplify this verification step, it nonetheless introduces a potential hiccup in the purchasing journey, potentially affecting the overall customer experience by delaying access to purchased keys. Despite these hurdles, HRKGame maintains its reputation for offering competitive prices, a fact that is readily apparent from their Trustpilot ratings.
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Affordable Pricing This retailer offers significantly lower prices than official game distributors, a savings made possible by the digital nature of their products.

Instant Game Access Games are dispatched with almost no delay, ensuring buyers can start playing immediately without any waiting period.

Varied Payment Options A wide selection of payment methods is available, catering to different preferences. Note, however, that the cost may vary based on the fees associated with each payment option.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support The retailer provides continuous customer service, promptly addressing and resolving any issues, which underscores the store's commitment to reliability.

Money-Back Assurance In the event of any issues with game purchases, such as duplicates or activation problems, the store offers a refund guarantee, subject to verification that the game has not been activated.

Enhanced Security Measures With a 256-bit SSL encryption system in place, the retailer ensures the protection of its users' identities and personal information.

Highly Rated Service The store's excellent Trustpilot ratings affirm its trustworthiness and high level of customer satisfaction.

Live Chat Assistance An online live chat feature is available for resolving any customer inquiries or concerns. While it's unclear if this service is available 24/7, the response times are commendably swift.


Unofficial Retailer This retailer operates outside the official game distribution channels, meaning the games sold may not come from sanctioned sources. This could lead to instances where game keys are duplicated or don’t function properly. Customers encountering such issues are advised to reach out to the retailer for resolution.

Payment Method Surcharge The price listed may rise at the time of purchase due to various factors such as taxes, operational costs, or additional fees associated with different payment methods. The extent of this increase varies based on the product’s initial price.

EU VAT Adjustment An additional tax is applied to purchases, with the final price subject to increase based on the buyer's location within the EU.

Steam Gifts Distribution Some products are offered as "Steam Gifts," where you receive an activation URL instead of a conventional key. Although this method is generally reliable, it's important to note that Steam does not officially support it. Buyers should verify the format of the game before completing their purchase.

Identity Verification Requirement For purchases made using PayPal, this store may implement a security measure requiring buyer verification, potentially extending the delivery timeline. This process involves confirming your identity to the store’s satisfaction before the game is dispatched to you.


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