Dirty Wars: September 11
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Historical-Narrative Videogame

In the early 1970s, in the context of the Cold
War, the Nixon administration and the CIA supported a coup against Salvador Allende, who had been promoting "The Chilean Way to Socialism" by expropriating and nationalizing important North American capitals.

With this support, on September 11, 1973, the Chilean armed forces bombed the La Moneda palace and Allende was overthrown, establishing a civil-military dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet, which lasted 17 years and produced thousands of exiles, political prisoners, tortured and detained and disappeared.

Chile, September 11, 1973

Historical and narrative Videogame

Dirty Wars: September 11 is an indie narrative and historical video game, a fictional story inspired by real events that immerses us in the resistance to the Chilean civil-military dictatorship. Through eight levels of play, you will take control of Maximiliano and Abigail, a young couple who join the revolutionary committee COMIREV in Chile to fight against the dictatorship.

8 missions make up the chronology of the game that takes place during the first years of the dictatorship. Each mission is developed linearly by Maximiliano or Abigail..

DINACH, the regime’s bloodthirsty secret police, has deployed all resources and financing to eliminate any trace of opposition and remnants of the overthrown democratic government.

The Morbid

Compartmentalization mechanics.

This video game has stealth mechanics and graphic adventures, where information management is more important than weapons to survive. Complete missions such as moving from one point to another, obtaining information, decoding contact points and delivering packages, all while passing identity checks. It rearticulates the resistance against the military dictatorship from the position of the protagonists.

One of the unique mechanics of the game is to obtain information and maintain its compartmentalization through interactive dialogues with other characters in which the "Suspicion Index" must be maintained between each conversation.

Contexts vary in response options depending on the identity of the protagonist.


The protagonists are constantly forced to change or double their identities to avoid detection in highly risky situations.

It will be the player’s task to respond to identity checks or different situations depending on the new identities and biography adopted.


Some puzzles in the game are based on specific situations from the historical context of the resistance, such as sending camouflaged parcels that are not detectable by the regime’s secret police or the use of "cipher texts" to find points of contact with other members of the resistance.

The dictatorship controls the country’s telephone lines, contacting by phone is impossible.

Memory Collectibles

It is not enough to finish the story itself, in Dirty Wars you can find numerous Collectible Items hidden in the levels that are saved in the "Memory" section, which is essential to complete the game 100%.

These collectibles help complement the narrative and context of the historical moment that the video game covers.

Game experience

Dirty Wars aims to create an immersive and historical dynamic, recreating the vulnerability and asymmetry of the context itself through the minimalism of its user interface and basic actions. Its artistic sections in level design, music and various historical content add to the atmosphere and experience of the game, not only entertaining but also teaching about the history of Chile and South America.

This is a completely Chilean and Latin American story that shows the culture, art, music and aesthetics of this region of the world.

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Dirty Wars: September 11 Steam CD Key
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Dirty Wars: September 11
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Dirty Wars: September 11
Dirty Wars: September 11
Dirty Wars: September 11
Dirty Wars: September 11
Dirty Wars: September 11
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12 Sep, 2023

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Uglycat Studios

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  • OS: Windows 10
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